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GuitarGents – Trustworthy Tips & Reviews - GuitarGents

GuitarGents – Trustworthy Tips & Reviews

How To Tune A Guitar

You walk before you run, and the same is true for playing the guitar. You would not dream of playing without the

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How To Record A Song: 4 Simple Steps

It has never been easier to record your own music and push it out into the world. In this digital age, you

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Fletcher Munson Curve: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

If you are a total music geek like I am, then you have probably heard of the Fletcher Munson Curve. If you

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Acoustic Vibe

Have you ever thought that there was something lacking in your home studio or recording room:That ‘something’ is most likely:Your acoustic vibe.But

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How To Promote Your Music Online

You are a musical genius. You know that, I know that, but do they know that? After all, they are the people

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Different Types Of Mics And How To Use Them

You cannot expect to become a great musician without a great microphone. If people are going to hear your amazing lyrics and

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How To Set Up A Home Studio In 4 Simple Steps

How many people dream of having a home studio?Most of the population.How many actually achieve that dream?Almost zero.Well, with our 4 simple

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How To Choose A Guitar For Your Child

So, your child wants to play guitar?I guess you had better go out there and get one for them. After all, a

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