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12 Best Guitar Pedals (2019) | Things you need to know before buying

12 Best Guitar Pedals (2019) | What to Know Before Buying

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
  • Rich, all-analog delay
  • Up to 600 milliseconds of delay time
  • Modulation controls emulate tape echo tones

If you want the best of the best, then this is the pedal for you. It is easy to set up for beginners and professionals and will have you sounding like a pro in no time. 

With three control knobs, you can create the sound that you want. The controls are easy to use, can all be used together, and are incredibly responsive. As soon as you press on the pedal, the sound of your music will change instantly. The parts are high-quality, the construction is top-notch, and you will sound like the all-time greats. 

You always get what you pay for and, while this pedal may set you back a little, it is going to stand the test of time and give professional-sounding music. 

Zoom Electric Guitar Multi-Effect (G1X FOUR)

Zoom G1X FOUR Guitar Multi-Effects Processor with Expression Pedal, With...
  • 71 built-in guitar effects and 13 amp models
  • Free download of Zoom guitar lab Mac/Windows software
  • 30-Second looper

This is a professional pedal for professional guitarists but also one which all level of player will feel comfortable playing with. 

What sets this pedal apart is the number of features and functions which you have at your disposal. There are almost 60 pre-installed effects, and you can download more. The pedal can be used on the floor or a desktop if you want some extra precision. 

You are paying for quality, and this is a pedal which will stand the test of time. A high-quality pedal which is only going to elevate your music. 

MG-100 Professional Multi-Effects Pedal Processor

On sale now!
Asmuse Multi Effect Pedal (silver)
  • Guitar Multi Effect Foot Pedal:58 Types of Effects Processor,Up to 8 effects can be used simultaneously 8 Tpes can be Used Simultaneously
  • Up to 40 Seconds Phrase Loop Padal also Play for Echo Delay Mixer Gain Wah Reverb
  • 72 Kinds of Setting Quick Preset Switching 13 Classic Guitar Amp Amplifier Models

A professional guitar pedal which is created for use with an electric guitar. With so many stock sounds, effects, and presets, you can create almost any sound you can imagine. 

The strength here is in the number of effects you have at your disposal (60) and the number of effects you can combine at any one time (8). The device also comes with 36 preset factory channels and 36 more which you can program. 

This device is easy to use on the floor, with multiple buttons that can be manipulated by your feet. The controls are fast and responsive. 

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher 3 Type Effects Delay Chorus...
  • 3 types of guitar effects in one chain: Delay, Chorus and Distortion.
  • Classic British hi-gain sound with wide tonal range
  • Bright, warm chorus module for creating the natural sense of space.

This is a professional pedal which will suit almost any musician. It is accessible enough for new players and high-quality enough to give experienced musicians what they want. 

The pedal is unique and will not take up a lot of room in your floor space. Once you are plugged in, the controls are straightforward to use. There are three effects, and each one comes with three control knobs. You also have a bypass button if you want to bypass the effect. 

This is a clever and exciting piece of equipment, The sound is professional, and you will love to play around with the levels. 

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Bundle

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal Bundle with Blucoil Slim 9V 670mA Power Supply...
  • PRODUCES A RANGE OF ESSENTIAL DISTORTION TONES - The BOSS DS-1 Pedal's 3-control layout enables you to pull out a subtle bite to rich crunch to all-out fuzz. Its midrange gives a distinct tonal...
  • PROVIDES MILD-TO-HEAVY GAIN - The orange stompbox can produce a mild boost for driving amps to full-throttle gain for rock riffs, providing a wide range of sound colors.
  • RUNS ON AC ADAPTER OR BATTERY POWER - This distortion pedal can be powered by a 9-volt dry battery (50~80 hours) for portable playing or 9V external power supply for extended performances.

Boss know what they are doing when it comes to creating pedals. This one, with a classic orange design, is robust, responsive, and reliable. 

This is a pedal which is well suited to almost any genre of music. You will not get the massive level of distortion that goes with heavy metal, but almost anything else can be improved upon. We like that this is a pedal open to anyone. The controls are smooth, precise, and responsive. 

If you are looking for a solid pedal at an affordable price, then you cannot go wrong with this one. It will get the job done and sound great while doing it. 

GOKKO AUDIO GK-26 Creepy Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

GOKKO AUDIO GK-26 Creepy Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal with 6 Modes
  • Reverb pedals can be very expensive.
  • This is one of the best value reverb (not just slap back delay) pedals on the market.
  • It provides a range of excellent useable reverb tones.

If you want a pedal which gives you fantastic reverb, then you have found it. This ‘creepy’ reverb pedal is affordable, powerful, and straightforward. 

With a crisp, retro design, this pedal brings your music to life with reverb controlled by six simple knobs. Each one gives you precision and responsiveness, combining to provide you with an unlimited number of combinations. 

This is a pedal which beginners will find easy to use, and experienced players will find compelling and valuable. There is really nothing out there, for the same price, which even comes close. 

Donner Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Verb Square 7 Modes

Donner Digital Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal Verb Square 7 Modes
  • 7-Mode Effects: Room, Hall, Church, Spring, Plate, Studio and Mod.
  • Digital circuit design, true bypass provide transparent tone
  • Whole Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong.

A fantastic little guitar pedal which has a lot of power for something so modest and humble. 

With the option to add one of seven reverb styles to your music, you can sound as if you are playing in a range of room sizes. Within that, you have three control knobs which can tweak and adapt your sound. Each control knob is tactile and gives instant and precise feedback. 

This is branded as a mid-range pedal, with a price tag to match, but it is a lot more potent than that. If you are looking for some reverb, then this is a great pedal for anyone. 

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal Echo Square Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal Echo Square Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes
  • 1.7-Mode Delay effects: Digital, Analog, Tape, Mod, Sweep, Lofi and Reverse.
  • 2.There are three function knobs, namely MIX, TIME and F.BACK. MIX is used to controls the dry/effect signal ratio. TIME is used to control the delay time. F.BACK is used to control the feedback...
  • 3.Digital circuit design, true bypass provide transparent tone.

You have seven echo/delay effects at your disposal and many fine-tuning options within that. The pedal is simple and effective for almost everyone. 

We love the design of this box. It is compact, colorful, and stylish. The aluminum-alloy shell helps to protect from knocks and kicks while the circuity inside is built to handle all of your delay needs. The main dial will select your delay, and the three separate control knobs at the top of the device will fine-tune that delay. 

An elegant piece of equipment for everyone. It is easy to pick up this device, plug it in, ad get playing in an instant. 

Caline USA Digital Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with 4 Control Knobs (CP-18)

On sale now!
Caline USA Digital Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with 4 Control Knobs...
  • Caline cp-18 Orange Burst overdrive is a classic tone machine, wonderful Christmas gifts for guitar players
  • 4 Knobs: Gain, Treble, Vol, and Bass. With these controls combined, it allows a great deal of versatility
  • 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB, two band active EQ which adds a wide range of harmonic content, Help you catch your ideal voice.

This is a budget pedal, which is both bold and practical. With a bright orange body and four simple control knobs, this is an excellent pedal for beginners. 

There are four options when it comes to controlling your sound, and you can use this pedal for acoustic, electric, and vocals. You can change the treble, bass, volume, and gain. You also have a bypass pedal if you want to avoid any sounds altogether. 

This is a stable and robust pedal for the price and will give you precisely what you need when you are starting out. A great beginner pedal which is easy to use. 

Rowin Guitar Noise Killer Noise Gate Suppressor Effect Pedal

On sale now!
Rowin Guitar Noise Killer Noise Gate Suppressor Effect Pedal LEF-319
  • 【Noise Gate pedal】reduces the noise from input signal without lowering the quality of your original signal.Adjusting the noise reduction Degree:-70-+10db
  • 【2 modes】hard Mode: provide hard effect of noise reduction, soft Mode: provide soft effect of noise reduction
  • 【Solid construction】made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy

With two modes and a broad threshold range, this small and modest pedal has a lot to offer at a low price. 

The pedal is small and unassuming, with lots of stability and rigidity. It looks great and will not set you back a lot of money. You have a lot of control over the suppression of the input noise without reducing the quality of that noise. It is an affordable pedal which will offer something to everyone.

This is a pedal for beginners and intermediate players. It has intuitive controls which are easy to use, and a lot of power when it comes to noise reduction. 

Rowin Analog Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal for Guitar True Bypass

Rowin Analog Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal for Guitar True Bypass
  • 🎸 3 way toggle switch allows you to choose from a hi boost, low boost and off boost
  • 🎸 Additional shaping is achieved using the gain and tone controls. You can use the Lo and off boost positions to get a great rhythm tone. In this position play with the tone and gain knobs to...
  • 🎸【SOLID CONSTRUCTION】Made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy.

For amazing electric guitar solos, this Rowin pedal gives you all you need. Simply switch to Hi Boost, and you are ready to go. 

The pedal is great for solos but also offers you so much more. With knobs for distortion, volume, and tone, you can create a lot of sounds, and have the option to recreate similar sounds to your favorite bands. This is a pedal which you can explore on and try new things. 

With an affordable price tag and high-quality construction, this is a pedal which will last a long time and give you a lot to play with. It is bright and funky, and can only help you to create your signature sound. 

Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Instrument Effect Pedal

On sale now!
Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Instrument Effect...
  • Take off with the most extreme and sought-after hard rock or heavy metal distortion
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Multi-gain circuitry to give you super-thick, tube-like distortion plus endless sustain

If you play metal or rock music, then this is the pedal for you. With a bright and colorful look and a lot of control, the possibilities are endless. 

The great thing about this pedal is the level of control which you have. Most pedals offer you control over the highs and the lows, but this one gives you control over the mids too. The knobs are responsive and precise, and you have a bypass pedal also if you need to use it. 

The multi-gain circuitry is reliable and robust, bringing functionality which will benefit new and experienced users. Get this affordable pedal now and start to experiment with your sound.