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12 Best Travel Guitars (2019) | Things you need to know before buying

12 Best Travel Guitars (2019) | What to know before buying

Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar

On sale now!
Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar, Tobacco Sunburst - SLG200S TBS
  • Steel Strings, Translucent Black Finish
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use - any time an acoustic guitar just won't do.
  • Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple

If you want the best of the best, then this guitar could be that. A fantastic guitar from Yamaha which looks unique and sounds professional.

There is no other guitar on the market which looks quite like this one, nor is there a guitar which can compete with the sound. With some onboard electronics, and the ability to plug in some headphones, you have a lot of control over your music and the effects. With no feedback, this is a fantastic travel and gigging guitar.

With lots to love, this could be the only guitar that you will ever need. It is vibrant, unique, and has unbelievable sound.

Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top
  • 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top
  • Layered Sapele Back
  • Sides - Natural

If you are in the market for a mini guitar or a travel guitar, then this one from Taylor is definitely worth a look. Named the ‘baby,’ this acoustic mini will become your baby.

With a combination of mahogany, Sapele, and rosewood, the base of this guitar is reliable and robust. The hardware is pretty standard, but everything comes together to give you a sound quality well above what you would expect from a mini guitar. There is a lot of quality here, and that makes it extremely easy to learn on.

If you are buying this for a child or want a travel guitar, you are going to be pleased with your purchase. It is small and compact but packs a hefty punch.

Martin LXM Little Martin

Martin X Series 2015 LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Natural
  • The LXM features a Spruce Pattern HPL (High Pressure Laminate) textured finish top along with Mahogany Pattern

This guitar from Martin is high-quality, beautiful, amazing, and controversial. With laminate wood used in the body, it should not be as fantastic as it is. Yet, here we are.

With laminate spruce and mahogany, there are some good woods, but the problem is that they are high-density laminate. That does not matter, however, when you hear this beautiful guitar in action. When compared to some similarly-priced guitars on the market, this one has more resonance, tone, warmth, and projection.

A trusted name for years, this Martin guitar is the perfect travel guitar for traveling around and gigging.

Traveler Electric Guitar (ULE BKM)

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Solid-Body Electric Guitar (ULE BKM)
  • Full 24 3/4" Scale electric travel Guitar
  • Fits in airline overhead bins. Only 3 lbs. 2 oz. & 28" Long!
  • One-piece Eastern American hard Maple neck-through-body design

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the guitar to do it with. With a body shape like no other, this is a fantastic guitar with an amazing sound.

This guitar weighs in at only 2 pounds and is short and compact. There is a lap frame to help you balance the guitar on your lap when you are sitting, and the frame can be detached when you want to travel. There is a Piezo pickup under the bridge, but a lack of volume control may irritate some.

The sound is amazing, the projection is fantastic, and the look is unique. As long as you do not mind controlling your volume from the amp, this is one of the best travel guitars out there.

Fender CT-60S Acoustic Guitar

Fender CT-60S Right Handed Acoustic Guitar - Travel Body - Natural
  • All-new Travel body style
  • Solid spruce top with scalloped "X"-bracing
  • Mahogany back and sides

Fender has been making high-quality guitars for decades, and this is another in a long line of amazing instruments. Modeled on their acoustic guitar range, this instrument is compact enough for those who want to travel.

The guitar may be small, but there is a big sound here. That is partly down to the quality material used, and the excellent construction, including the x-bracing inside the body. With amazing strings pre-installed on the guitar, you get a sound which is bright and has lots of tones.

If you are traveling around, this is the perfect acoustic guitar to take with you. It is small yet effective and has the quality for smaller gigs.

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar With Cordoba Gig Bag
  • Solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides
  • Miniature nylon string guitar with full size feel and playability (20" scale length, 50" nut width)
  • Natural satin finish

Cordoba has spent many years perfecting their range of mini guitars, and this is one of the best ones out there. It is warm, inviting, and easy to play.

This guitar is small enough that you can travel with it easily. The materials are high-quality, and there is even some bracing in the neck to add extra stability and robustness. The guitar is finished well, and the included hardware helps to bring out the brightness and balance of each and every note.

A wonderful guitar for travel. The sound is amazing, the frets are compact but playable, and the overall look and feel of the guitar are professional.

Washburn RO10 Rover Acoustic Guitar

Washburn RO10 Rover Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural)
  • Full 24" scale and guitar sized neck
  • mahogany body and SOLID spruce top
  • Deluxe Gigbag

With a unique look, this retro guitar will make you the envy of all your friends. Now, when we say retro, we are not talking about a few years ago. This guitar looks like it came straight from medieval times.

The guitar may look like it came from the past, but the features and functionality come straight from the present day. The wood is excellent, and the construction is top-notch, featuring some bracing to add stability to the body. The hardware is above what you would expect from a guitar in this price range, and the music is sweet and bright.

A wonderful travel guitar which benefits from its unique shape. The frets are spaced well, making them easy to play, and the resulting music is professional and high-quality.

Luna Safari Peace Acoustic Guitar

A small and affordable dreadnought travel guitar, but one which makes a lot of noise, both in the projection of its sound and the design.

The best thing about this travel guitar is the unique design around the soundhole. Three dragonflies come together to create a unite design on the guitar and a unique shape for the soundhole itself. This guitar looks fantastic, but it is about more than just looks. The music which comes out is better than it should be.

A wonderful guitar with a lot to like; a unique look with a big, balanced sound. The perfect travel guitar to take everywhere and impress your friends.

SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar

SX Trav 1 Traveling Guitar Portable with Bag
  • Solid spruce top with impressive sound
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Mahogany truss rod adjustable neck

Rondo is not yet a big name in the guitar world, but we are sure that they soon will be, and all for crafting mini travel guitars.

They do have a range of excellent acoustic guitars, but this 3/4 guitar is perfect for travels. It features a beautiful slimline body, short neck, solid spruce wood, and an amazing sound. The notes are projected with distinction, and there is a lot of warmth at both ends of the spectrum.

A terrific guitar for traveling with, and one that packs up small; there is even an included gig bag to protect the guitar during your travels.

Yamaha FG JR1 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag - (Natural)
  • Built with the legendary quality and playability
  • 3/4 size for easy travel and comfortable playing
  • Ideal first guitar for a child

A well-crafted travel guitar from Yamaha which has a lot of balance, affordability, and an included gig bag.

This may not be the best travel guitar in the world, but it more than holds its own when it comes to comparisons at this price point. The laminated spruce and meranti woods help to project the notes crisply and clearly. The guitar benefits from a slim profile and compact frets, though it may be harder for those with bigger hands to play.

This is a capable guitar and one which punches slightly above its weight. The inclusion of a gig bag makes this a hard instrument to pass up.

Cordoba Mini II MH

Cordoba Mini II MH
  • Comfortable 1/2 size guitar, with standard tuning
  • Layered Mahogany top, back and sides
  • Nub one nut, 1. 875" Width

This mini guitar from Cordoba is a prime example of a company who takes pride in the manufacture of their instruments. The guitar may be small, but it is packed with quality.

The rich and dark mahogany sets the tone for this guitar, and it screams out to be played. When you do play it, you will enjoy the depth and resonance of the notes, both high and low. We like the price of this guitar, and everything makes you feel that you are getting a bargain. The body, hardware, strings, and sound are all slightly above what you are paying.

A wonderful travel guitar which sounds fantastic and looks amazing.

Arcadia DL38BK Acoustic Guitar

Arcadia is not well known in the acoustic guitar world, but they are starting to make an impact, and guitar kits like this are the reason why.

This is a smart travel guitar which comes with everything you need to get started. There are additional picks, strings, a strap, clip-on tuner, and padded gig bag. You would be buying most of this stuff anyway, so it is handy to get it all from the same place.

The guitar is available in one of three finishes, depending on your style, and has enough quality in the sound to be attractive to intermediate players along with beginners. A lot of styles, and enough to keep most musicians entertained.