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Glarry Electric Bass Guitar Review (2019) | Things You Need to Know

Glarry Electric Bass Guitar | 2019 Review

Glarry Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Rosewood Basswood Fire Style Exquisite Burning Bass (Black)

If you have never picked up a bass guitar before, you need something which is easily accessible for a new player, and one which you can play straight away. This is one electric bass guitar kit which does exactly that. You get a decent quality guitar for the price and everything you need to start playing. Let’s take a closer look at this great guitar.

Body & Neck

The body and neck of this guitar are pretty standard, and you do not get a lot in terms of quality, nor do you expect a lot at this price. The body is solid basswood which is fairly typical in a guitar kit and gets the job done while having decent sound. The wood is solid and durable and will last for a long time.

The neck is crafted from maple, with a rosewood fretboard. Again, the quality is pretty standard, and you get exactly what you would get from a similar-priced guitar. The neck is as solid as the body and works well.

The look of the body is a classic design with a double-cutaway and looks great in the black and white finish. There are a lot of other design options to choose from, and you can match the look to your style.


The hardware, again, is pretty standard. There are two pickups on the body and two control knobs to control the pickups. The bridge features a classic saddle, and beginners will enjoy that there is not much to be done with the hardware other than learning with it. There are four tuning pegs on the headstock, and they are plastic covered. They do a good job of tuning the guitar.

What you are looking for are the extras. This is one of the most affordable bass guitars on the market, and you get some nice extras with it. A case will keep the guitar protected when you are storing and transporting it, and you also get a pick, strap, and amp cable. You can get playing as soon as you unpack this guitar (and purchase your amp).


For such an affordable guitar, this bass has a great sound. It was a lot better than we expected, and the notes are clean and crisp, especially the higher notes. The low notes have a good amount of resonance, and each note is clear and well-defined.

Beginners will love this guitar as it is very forgiving when it comes to the sound. It is easy to play, and you can adapt your play as you strum, making it perfect to learn on.


This is a good guitar for the price and one which beginners will love to learn on. The design is classic, the parts are of good quality, and the sound is better than expected. Overall, it is a great first bass guitar and very easy to learn on.