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Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar Review (2019) | Things You Need to Know

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar | 2019 Review

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Gray (GSR200SMNGT)

Ibanez makes great guitars, and their line of bass guitars are no exception. They have always been a company which has focused on bringing guitars to the masses by creating high-quality instruments that are accessible and affordable. This bass guitar fits that bill. The GSR200 is a beginner model while still being one of the best bass guitars on our list. It is reliable with amazing performance, and the price tag is as attractive as the guitar is.

Body & Neck

When Ibanez set out to make this accessible and affordable guitar, they took the design of their elite basses and used them as a template for this bass guitar. The result is a classic double-cutaway design with sleek curves and amazing finishes.

Agathis has been used as the basswood for the electric bass. This wood is basic, keeps the cost down, and gets the job done. You may notice the difference if you are an experienced player, but as a beginner, it makes for a great entry-level guitar. The finishes are what make this guitar. You get a stunning look which you will be proud to wear upon the stage.

The neck is a c-shaped maple design, again being inspired by their higher-end basses, and there are some standard dot inlays on the fretboard.


Moving on from the body and neck, Ibanez has continued with the affordable parts which get the job done. The fixed bridge is standard and has four fully-adjustable roller saddles. They may not give you as much customization as other bridges, but there is some there. On the other end, you have basic tuning pegs. They are not the most intricate pegs you wink ever see, but they do get the job done. Make sure to check the tuning before you play.

How about electronics? Ibanez has included dynamic electronics where other manufacturers usually only have passive. There is a split-coil pickup on the neck with a single-coil pickup on the bridge. It is a traditional active combination.

The active electronics make this guitar stand out and more appealing to experienced users.


You have a lot of options for customizing your sound, based on the active electronics, especially when it comes to shaping the tone of your music. You get warmth, a lot of precision, and great low-end response.

This is by no means the best sounding guitar in the world, but Ibanez has done a great job in creating a bass guitar which is well-rounded and has a little bit of everything. A great guitar for beginners.


With a classic design and well-rounded sound, this is a bass guitar which will appeal to many beginners and intermediate users. The look is amazing and really puts on a show when on stage. You also have a lot of control over your music due to the active electronics — a well-rounded guitar with a warm, smooth sound.